Paging Patti Stanger! Who Should Whitney Port Be Dating?

Last fall, Whitney Port went for the rocker guy. This week, she's all about boys in blazers. And while her rumored relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio turned out to be nothin' but hype, we're thinking it's time Whit finally met her match. Since she doesn't have a "type," we've gone ahead and rounded up three eligible bachelors for our City gal to choose from. So cue the romantic music -- it's time to make like Patti Stanger and find Whitney a manz!

First up: James Franco.

Okay, so he's kinda easy on the eyes. But this Freaks and Geeks vet isn't your typical Hollywood heartthrob. For starters, dude says he's an artist first, actor second (the humble I-like-to-paint kind, not the pretentious, "acting is my craft" kind). Oh, and did we mention this soft-spoken Monet's also a secret genius?! When he's not off filming Spiderman sequels (or making us go through Kleenex by the box in Milk), Franco's sharpening his noodle with classes at NYU/Columbia. Smart, sexy and geographically desirable? Sounds like a triple threat! (Bonus: He played Justin Bobby in the best Hills parody ever. Marry him, Whitney! Marry him today!)

Next up: Ed Westwick.

This British bad boy has all the edginess of a wannabe grunge musician but without any of the unpleasantness (think greasy, "I forgot to shower hair") that goes along with life on the road. Best known for his portrayal of the smarmy-but-charismatic Chuck Bass on the CW's Gossip Girl, Westwick's trademark smirk/deadpan delivery make him the perfect foil for our sweet, adorable Whitney. And while he doesn't dress like his character off set (read: no custom Armani suits in used-car-salesmen plaid!), he's got a dapper, GQ style that would look great on any girl's arm. Or, better yet, in the front row at the next WhitneyEve show...

And, finally: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Levitt's soft, liquidy eyes melted our hearts in (500) Days of Summer -- but he's got a lot going for him besides his unconventional appeal. Smart, subversive and so small he can (almost) fit inside your pocket, he's survived thirteen years in the biz (remember Third Rock?) and gone from indie darling to lustworthy leading man without letting any of it go to his head. (Take note, Shia LaBeouf.) We've had a crush on him since 10 Things I Hate About You (dude was awkward/skinny hot way back when Michael Cera was just a fetus), and we think his grounded, hipstery appeal more than makes up for the massive height differential. Besides, no one at those Brooklyn loft parties wears heels, anyway.

+ Wanna help play love doctor? Let us know which single (or at least ring-less) guys you think would be great for Whitney Port!