How Does Freddie Fackelmayer Stack Up Against Jay Lyon?

OK, so we don't know much yet about this Freddie Fackelmayer person, but who says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? After all, if he's going to be courting our sweet lil' Whitney, it's important to get a sense of who we're dealing with and whether he's worthy of the City star's attention. Which is why we're using what (little) we know of Fred to see how he stacks up against Whit's ex, Jay Lyon. Below, we've created a score sheet for the guys -- check it out and see if you agree with our direct (yet reprehensibly superficial) analysis!

Category: Conversation Skills

Winner: Jay

Obvs, the Australian one wins! But on top of that sexy accent, Jay did have some interesting opinions about music and relationships and stuff. Two times out with Freddie and all we've really heard is that he thinks Whitney's "cute" (duh), he works in commercial real estate (well, hello there, Mr. Trump) and he's got three siblings (we'll take Harry, please).

Category: Posture

Winner: Freddie

To be fair to Jay, no guitar player stands up straight, but that doesn't take away from the simple fact that Freddie is taller (and darker and handsomer).

Category: Teeth

Winner: Freddie

Um, dude looks straight out of a Colgate commercial. And don't get us started on that shiny, fluffy head of hair, which probably smells of Kiehls shampoo and mint julep.

Category: Sense of Style

Winner: Tie score

This one's really a matter of opinion (er, unlike the others, which are total fact) ... though we're personally leaning towards Jay for the simple idea that his hipster attire can seamlessly transition from a day to night look with the subtle addition of a skinny tie, whereas prepster Freddie seems like he's all suit, all the time.

Category: Marriage Material

Winner: Jay

OK, sure, Jay's dream of being a rock star doesn't quite spell out emotional stability/financial security, but c'mon ... Whitney Fackelmayer?