Erin Kaplan Tries On Olivia Palermo's (Old) Shoes For Size

Last week on The City, Erin Kaplan wore her disdain for Olivia Palermo like a Lady Gaga VMA outfit. Elle's Director of Public Relations (and owner of the worst poker face in the history of passive-aggressive publicists) was clearly rooting for 'Liv to fail, no matter how hard the silver-spooned 'social'-turned-Accessories Editor shvitzed to impress the Zee-Man.

Our hope at the time was that Erin would have come around by this week's episode and shown a little more tact and professionalism when dealing with Olivia. Turns out, Erin kinda broke our heart.

We know, we know, Olivia's no angel. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that she was all Bossy McBosserstein with Whitney at DVF. Thing is, 'Liv's been behaving quite well since her 'eff this' outburst on the City premiere, and Erin only appears to be getting pissier. Sooooo ... is Erin the new Olivia? And an even bigger and burninger question: As 'Liv stays classy amidst an ocean of she-devils in Prada, can Erin reign in her spite and rise above this petty rivalry? Or is this one steely career girl who can't be broken? Tell us what YOU think!