Producer's Point Of View: Gina's Relapse Was 'Devastating'

When a serious subject like drug addiction is tackled by a TV production crew, it's not just the people on camera who become affected by what unfolds. Below, check out Gone Too Far Producer Amy Bonezzi's notes on what it was like to film Gina's story...

I became fully invested in Gina and her family before I even arrived for the first shoot because I was constantly on the phone with them. As soon as I met Gina, we became very close. I’m actually still in constant contact with her and her family, even though we stopped filming many months ago.

Gina handled meeting the crew pretty well. It can be intimidating to have cameras on you when you're sharing the most difficult part of your life, and I’m proud of her for having the courage to do that. Gina was extremely excited to meet Adam and she bonded with him right away. He knew what it was like to be an addict and he didn't judge her for it. He was someone who really understood the struggle she was facing because he'd been through it himself.

I think the best moment between Adam and Gina happened during his surprise visit to her in rehab. She was so happy to see him there and felt so thankful that he really cared enough to come out there and check on her. It was great to see his reaction, too, because it made him genuinely happy to see her on the road to recovery.

When we shot the last day in Hartford, CT, Gina was back home and she'd already relapsed. It was tough on all of us. After watching her go through detox and stay sober for a month, it was devastating to find out that she'd chosen to use PCP. Adam expressed on camera what the whole team was feeling ... sad, angry, defeated. It was hard to leave knowing that she was probably going to return to exactly the kind of hardcore drug abuse she'd been engaged in when we first began. Now, eight months later, we're all so happy that Gina's back in treatment and we're hopeful that she'll stay clean for the long term.