Hot Shots: Speidi 'Spare' Four-Legged Fameball From Life Of Obscurity

If buying puppies is the next best thing to making babies, then Heidi Pratt's one step closer to her dream of becoming an Octomom. Last Thursday, what began as a typical night out for the newlyweds (bowling in color coordinated his-and-hers outfits) ended up in the purchase of yet another pooch -- this time, a sandy-haired Pomeranian named Coco.

For those keeping track, that makes three doggies in the last four weeks (Speidi recently acquired two maltipoos, Dolly and Inky the Ninja), meaning the Hillzies are now officially outnumbered by their canine companions. Hmm, guess this means they'll be needing plenty of pet supplies! Anyone know where they can find a good secondhand leash? (Oh, right. Never mind!)