Hills Roundup: LC Addresses Rumors Of Hills Return

Happy Haiku Friday! In honor of Twitter, fall and all things concise, Remote Control is gettin' all artsy fartsy/experimental today with a pop culturized foray into Japanese poetry. Accordingly, all our posts will be comprised in 5-7-5 meter or non-traditionalist free-form. Stick around, you might learn something!

Star to un-retire?

Lauren speaks to comeback plans

"No! No! No! No! Done." (MTV News)

Brody laughs at ex

K-Cav's bitterness abounds

No vanilla sex. (E! Online)

5,000 Playboys

Heidi's naughty spread lives on

Porn as wall decor. (Digital Spy)

Candy casting call

Lo Bosworth to star in film?!

Dream another dream. (MTV News)