VIDEO: Wes Demands Change! Champions Call Bulls**t!

Wes shocked his fellow Champions on tonight's Ruins when he showed (genuine?) shame about throwing previous Challenges and behaving like the house dick-in-chief. And whilst trying to convince his teammates he was ready to make that change, he dropped yet another bulldozer on the cast: his winnings (if there are any) will go straight to charity. Yes, this one's for the children. Check out the scene once again and share your comments about Wes' new-found selflessness.

As seen above, there were a whole bunch of confused faces as Wes made his peace proclamation, so we called it into question when Evan, Kenny, Johanna and Ibis stopped by the office to tape our Ruins Replay. Shockingly enough, none of these guys were buying that Wes had suddenly set his sights on becoming a role model. Watch the video below to hear them rebut Wes' rebirth, plus after the jump, hear Evan explain why he walked away when Father Theresa called him a "coward."