Hookup Watch '09! Will Evan And Veronica Get It On?

Evan's done pretty much everything there is to do in these challenges. He's won, he's lost, he's burned bridges, betrayed friends, forged alliances and proved that nothing (except maybe an oversized groin hernia) can slow him down. In fact, there's only one thing Evan hasn't done -- and that's dipped his pen in his fellow challengers' ink.

Yep, despite being a three-time vet (and a damn sexy man), Evan's managed to avoid the sort of romantic entanglements that start out all cute n' cuddly -- and end with someone saying "Don't f--- with me or I'll sell your house." And while we admire the man's determination (c'mon, dude, even Adam's done the deed!), we can't help wondering whether his days as a bachelor are finally over.

Think Veronica has what it takes to break down Evan's ever-weakening resolve? Or will Evan be able to resist her Jessica Rabbit-like wiles and keep his eyes on the (cash) prize? Take the poll and tell us whether you think the Canadian George Clooney's in danger of falling under Veronica's spell.


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