The City's Whitney Port Sez She's No Wuss!

During Whitney Port's last days at DVF, she promised to stop being Olivia's doormat and start being more assertive. But even though she changed her job, we're not so sure Whitney's completely changed her attitude. Earlier this year, 70 percent of you weighed in on Whit's backbone (or lack thereof) and concluded the girl's still too frickin' nice. So what does the City star have to say about the "aww-shucks" way she's portrayed on TV? Well, according to her, you're not always gettin' the full story.

"[A] lot of the time I feel like I have more to say, and I have said more, but [show producers] make me seem too easygoing or taken advantage of,” Whitney told the UK's Times Online. “But I understand that they’re trying to tell a story, so the way they edit, add music and magnify things with facial expressions is their prerogative."

And speaking of telling stories through facial expressions, how does Olivia feel about coming across as the show's reigning eye-roll queen? “I think that she minds," Whit ventured cautiously, "[but] I don’t think she doesn’t want to do it any more. I think she must like the attention.”

+What do you think? Is Whitney making excuses for being 'too nice'? Or is it possible she's a diva in disguise? Sound off!