The Hills' Spencer Pratt Clears The Air: I Don't 'Hate' Kids!

Think Spencer Pratt was too hard on his six-year-old neighbor, Enzo? Well, before you judge, you might wanna hear Spencer's side of the story. Last night, Heidi's hubby signed onto Twitter to defend his rep and explain why he'd rather hit golf balls with Charlie than spend his afternoons playing hide and seek. Below, five reasons why Spence says he's not a total jerkface.

1. It's weird having kids drop by your place all the time. According to Spence, Enzo's spent so much time at Casa de Speidi, he should probably start kicking in for rent! "you don't see all the other times when enzo comes over like a little enzo stalker," Pratt wrote on Twitter. "I need to be the tuff one if Heidi is soft."

2. Enzo has ulterior motives! Sure, he's cute. But Spencer claims Enzo's not just interested in Speidi for their Nintendo Wii. "poor little Enzo is way smarter then he looks," warned Spencer. "he's trying to game on @heidimontag he wants me out of the picture."

3. Who's the one paying the electricity bill? Spencer, that's who. And since he's head of the household, he can conserve energy any way he damn well pleases. "talk about dramatic!" he said in response to critiques from last week's show. "All i did was turn my own tv off in my house!? Big deal relax."

4. Spencer doesn't hate kids. He just doesn't want one for a BFF. All joking aside, Spencer wants you to know he's not a soulless meanie. Or, as he put it, "just because I don't want the neighbors kid showing up 24/7 uninvited or announced doesn't mean I hate kids!" Well said, sir.

5. He's taking it one day at a time. Okay, so maybe telling Enzo to say goodbye to Heidi "forever" was a smidge insensitive. But Spence promises he'll do better! "everyone chill i will be more kind to Enzo from now on!" he tweeted.  Or maybe not. But hey, at least he says he'll "try."

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