VIDEO: Jayde Sez She 'Made The Mistake' Of Trusting Kristin

On last night's Hills, Jayde Nicole had to sit back and watch as Brody Jenner's ex-girlfriend showered him with sex toys, sucked up to his mom, got beaned in the face by a water balloon (okay, that part was actually kinda fun) and lured him away to an after-party at Casa de Kristin. So how does she really feel about K-Cav? "I like her honesty," Jayde told the After Show's Jessi and Dan. "That's about it."

And since Little J was on such an honesty kick, she also weighed in on Kristin and Justin ("he looks a lot better now that he's not all beardy"), insisted she's not the possessive type and defended her (alleged) "vanilla" sex life with the Brodester ("[Kristin] must be doing something wrong"). Ouch! Better watch out, K-Cav -- something tells us this chick's not going down without a fight...

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