Hills Poll: Does K-Cav Like Justin More Than She's Letting On?

Kristin Cavallari hasn't exactly been gunning for the sympathy vote. The tough-talkin' Laguna chick (known even back then as 'the bitch') blew into Hillsville with all the sensitivity of a Category 4 hurricane. But somewhere in between throwing down with Stephanie and going after Audrina's ex, we wondered whether we were starting to see some cracks in her shiny veneer.

Consider the evidence: First, K-Cav got super-duper defensive (and, okay, a little aggressive) when the girls questioned her motives with Justin. Then, she seriously took it to heart when 'Drina failed to show up for their last-minute lunch date. And finally -- and, perhaps, most tellingly -- Kristin's spent the past couple weeks pretending she doesn't care one iota about Justin Bobby. The only problem? She's totally lying.

Think about it -- if Kristin really didn't care, she wouldn't have ridden on the back of Justin's motorcycle, slow-danced with him in the club or gotten so darn touchy when everyone at the surprise party quizzed her on JB's whereabouts. And even though she SAID she wouldn't let his bad behavior slide (a la Audrina), that's exactly what she did. Unless "Strike one" is suddenly code for "Hey loser, I'm dumping your ass."

So here's what we're proposing: Maybe Kristin's not the heartless man-stealer we thought she was. Maybe she's just been burned so many times she started adapting this tough-girl act to avoid getting hurt. Maybe she really does like Justin (why else would she care if he's a no-show??) but she's afraid to admit it cause that'd mean putting herself -- and her feelings -- right out there, for everyone to see.

Then again, maybe we're just so sappy/naively optimistic that we'd rather see K-Cav as a wounded dove (i.e. fragile and unlucky in love) than a hard-hearted snake who poisons everything she touches. Either way, we wanna hear what you think! Take the poll and tell us whether Kristin's got a secret sensitive side tucked somewhere beneath that sharp, "you-effed-with-the-wrong-girl" exterior.

You tell us: Are you buying Kristin Cavallari's tough girl act?

  • No way. Deep down K-Cav's just as insecure as the rest of us!
  • Act? What act? Kristin's the same person she was in high school: an alpha bitch.