Note To Audrina: Dating JB's Best Friend Isn't Exactly Moving On

Dear Audrina,

First off, congrats on (finally!) breaking it off with Justin Bobby! It took a couple of tries, but now you're finally free to meet someone who really understands you. Someone who uses polysyllabic words! Someone who loves bobbing his head at the weird shows and doesn't run away screaming at the the word "commitment".

Anyhow, you're single and ready to mingle. (Just like Beyonce would've wanted.) And while we fully support that, we're thinking you might've made a slight mistake by going on your first official post-Justin date with ... Justin's best friend in the whole entire world.

We know, we know, you told Derek you didn't want to talk about you-know-who (and his you-know-what'ercyle) but the fact is, you only KNOW each other because of JB. Which means, even if you and Derek DO hit it off, you'll constantly be reminded of his belching, shirtless overalls-wearing, Kristin Cavallari-dating BFF.

'Sides, new relationships are hard enough as is. Throw in all that ex-cess baggage (plus Derek's guilty conscience over dating his best friend's girl), and it'll start to feel like you're on the inside of a pressure cooker. Not exactly the vibe you want from someone you've only dated for, oh, approximately .02 seconds.

So here's our advice: ditch this Derek dude (no offense, bro) and find yourself someone completely new. Ideally, someone who's never seen The Hills, hooked up with K-Cav or gotten punched in the face by Spencer Pratt.

Or at LEAST someone who's not in Justin Bobby's Fantasy Football league.


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