Brody vs. Justin: Who Would Make The Better Boyfriend?

On tonight's Hills, we got a peek at both Brody and Justin Bobby's inner jackass. Sure, they've got winning smiles, but no one wants their man to call them a "bitch" (um, especially after throwing him a surprise party), and we can't think of many things more frustrating than when a dude simply doesn't show up as planned.

But who are we fooling? Girls can be just as relationship stoopid as guys, and if given the opportunity, we'd prolly jump either of these man-babies' bones. Which begs the question ... who to choose? Something tells us Kristin's going to have some tricky dating decisions to make soon, so we wanna know before even more boy drama erupts: Is Brody or Justin more worthy of her -- or any lady's -- love and affection? Take the poll!


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