City Poll: Is Roxy Steering Whit Astray?

Whitney Port may have made a small error in judgment tonight by going behind Kelly Cutrone's back and shopping around her sketches, but while Kelly implied that Roxy (who pushed for the Bergdorf's meeting) might've deliberately led Whit astray, we're not sure whether this is a case of bad intentions -- or just plain bad advice.

On the one hand, Roxy was pretty forceful about encouraging Whitney to show her designs to Samanatha's boss. On the other hand, Roxy's pretty forceful/opinionated about everything! And while she was slightly snippy about Kelly's fashion credentials (Just a PR girl? As if!), Whit's the one who conveniently "forgot" to mention to the gals how she agreed to keep the sketches on the DL.

So what's your opinion: Was Roxy intentionally steering Whit astray? Or was she just trying to hook a sistah up? Tell us whether you think Whit's best bud made an honest mistake -- or a full-fledged sabotage attempt!

You tell us: Was Roxy purposely feeding Whit bad advice?

  • Absolutely. I don't trust her -- and Whit, you shouldn't either!
  • No. Roxy was only trying to help! It's not her fault it totally backfired.
  • Who cares?! Whit should've known better than to take Roxy's advice over Kelly's...