An A-Z Guide To Olivia's Best City Moments

We liked Joe Zee's alphabetized list idea so much (A to Zee, get it??) we thought we'd do one of our own. This goes out to you, Olivia! Thanks for all the laughter, tears and rolly-eyes. The City wouldn't be the same without you.

A is for attitude. Needless to say, Olivia Palermo has this in spades.

B is for Butler, also known as Liv's adorbs little puppy! (Hey, at least he's not named "Man Servant.")

C is for can, as in can you BELIEVE the look on Erin's face when Olivia nailed it tonight? Booyah!

D is for debs, short for debutantes. Which ranks second (behind "toodles") on our list of Words To Steal.

E is for Erin Lucas. Is it just us or does she look totally different this season?! Annnnnyway ...

F is for Kelly Cutrone's Ford. Nothing to do with Olivia, we just like the idea of it. A lot.

G is for glaring uncontrollably at your frenemies. You know who you are.

H is for unbathed hipsters in grungy, Kurt Cobain plaid. Viva la revolution!

I is for immature. Remember that time Whit tried to talk about personal shtuff?? Soooo high school.

J is for Johannes Huebl, Olivia's smokin' hot (but, sadly, off-camera) boyfriend.

K is for kissing 22 goodbye! Here's what we gave Olivia for the big 2-3.

L is for Liv's amazing one-liners. "Shamu's not runway material"? Classic!

M is for Manolo Blahnik, Olivia's close, personal friend (who may or may not remember her).

N is for Olivia's ne'er-do-well cousin, Nevan Donahue. How's the job search going, bro?

O is for Olivia's house rules. We especially liked the one where she made fun of Nevan's kicks.

P is for personalized placecards. You can't have a casual, five-star dinner party without them.

Q is for quit asking Whitney about Liv, okay? They aren't super best friends. Get over it.

R is for recessionista! Who knew our Uptown Girl was so into Top Shop and H&M??

S is for socials! Raise those glasses of champy up high, girls!

T is for Tamarama, Olivia's most favoritest band in the whole wide world! Oh wait, are we in Opposite Land?

U is for going undercover/acting like you're busting up a drug ring ('steada just a dude in a Pravda hat).

V is for vintage-loving Victoria Beckham, who you just KNOW is Olivia's secret star crush.

W is for where have all the cocktail rings gone? No, seriously, where?

X is for X-mas etiquette. FYI, Liv is AGAINST getting so drunk you "like, fall on your face." Duly noted!

Y is for yellow. Fashionable gals wouldn't be could dead in it. Or WOULD they??

Z is for the amazing Joe Zee, who never stopped believing. Way to make him proud, girl!