Starmaker's Omotayo: 'I Don't Feel Bad About Getting Cut'

This week, we said goodbye to not one but TWO outstanding performers. And while we were sad to see Omotayo (and Monet) go home, the big guy wants you guys to know he's not ready to give up on his dream. Hear what Big Sexy's been doing since the show and find out why he's lookin' to drop an album (and become your brand-new cuddle buddy!) ASAP.

I definitely didn't want to go home. It was really challenging to compete against people of other genres when most of the songs I performed were out of my comfort zone. But it is what it is, and I am grateful that Diddy chose me out of thousands of singers to compete on Starmaker.

I don't feel bad about getting cut because if I had to choose someone other than me to win, it would have been between one of the singers still in the house. I have lots of love for each and every contestants on the show and learned a lot from being in their presence. I hope to work with them down the road, when all's said and done.

The judges may have given me the boot, but you damn sure ain't seen the last of Big Sexy!!! I'm recording my first album as a solo artist and am planning on releasing a single in the near future!! Thank you to all my fans that have sent support and love to me and my daughter along the way. I've been dreaming of singing my whole life and you all make me believe my dreams can be real!!! Much LUV!!! So, bye bye for now...until we meet again!!!

P.S. I'm single ladies, so if you looking for someone to cuddle up with, Holla at Big Sexy!!! ;-)