Hot Shots: Stephanie Pratt Likes To Dance (In Music Videos)!

Audrina Patridge isn't the only Hillzie who's got the inside scoop on up-and-coming new artists. Last week, Stephanie Pratt took time outta her busy feuding-with-Kristin-Cavallari schedule to film a cameo for Hot Chelle Rae's new video, "I Like To Dance." And in her (negligibly) unbiased opinion, these guys have major hit potential.

"ok not because i have a new crush on the band ;) but for real i can't stop playing 'I Like to Dance,'" Steph tweeted shortly after filming wrapped. And we're kinda inclined to agree. Not only is the four-man electro pop squad easy on the eyes ('specially you, Ian!) but they have an edgy, punk rock sound that calls to mind some type of retro, Queen-inspired mash-up between Franz Ferdinand and Panic! at the Disco.

So check out these pix of Spencer's sis bonding with the band (love the leather, lady!), then hit up the guys' official site to get the latest scoop on their first-evs album, Lovesick Electric, which hits stores Tuesday, Oct. 27! Oh, and check back soon to watch Steph's scene-stealin' cameo! (Uh, in the meantime, help kill time by watching Spencer get his faced punched in Fall Out Boy's "I Don't Care.")