Starmaker's Monet: 'I Now Know Who I Truly Am As An Artist'

We're getting down to the wire, which means some really talented people are beginning to be eliminated from Starmaker. And last night, one of those people happened to be Monet. But don't cry for her -- so many amazing things have happened for this singer since she left the show! Check out Monet's update below...

As I stood on the Starmaker stage for the last time, I looked into the audience and heard them cheering my name. I had dreamed of a moment like that since I was little -- and it had finally come true...

Even though my time on the show is over, my dream is only going to grow and grow. Did the judges make a mistake by sending me home? No. I was not the type of artist that Bad Boy Records was looking for, and I am more than okay with that. I did what I came there to do, and I have absolutely no regrets.

I gained more from this experience than I ever thought I would: a vocal coach (Romeo Johnson) who believed in me from the very beginning (even when it seemed like no one else did), an amazing manager (Johnny Wright) to guide me through the process, a chance to be judged by some of the industry's most respected individuals and a bunch of amazing new friends. A beautiful transformation took place because I now know who I truly am as an artist, and I have Starmaker, P. Diddy and Mark Burnett to thank.

After I got off the show, things started happening immediately. I got a call to sing back up for Lady Gaga at The Tonight Show, which was an extremely amazing experience. I am also very proud to announce that I'm now represented by Johnny Wright and am officially a part of the WEG family. I actually just got back from spending time in Florida recording a song at the WEG compound with multi-platinum record producer Gary Carolla.

My dreams of becoming a star are finally coming true. I will never stop pursuing them! I hope I proved to the world that ANYTHING can happen ... so NEVER give up!

I hope to see you guys at a concert someday soon! You can keep in contact with me on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube.

Xoxo Monet

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