City Poll: Did Whit Deserve To Get Chewed Out By Kelly?

At some point, we've all had some "genius" idea that we couldn't wait to unleash upon the world (Rent-A-Baby! Psychic Shopping Network!), but every business endeavor takes time to fine tune, and on tonight's episode of The City, Whitney was maybe a little too quick to share her doodles with Bergdorf Goodman. Not to mention, Whit's boss and mentor Kelly Cutrone specifically told her to keep them sketchy sketches under wraps 'til they looked, well, better.

Hey, we get it -- Whit was happy with her work and anxious to see if people-in-the-know would agree. Trouble is, second opinions on your first pass at a high-fashion collection should prolly start (and remain) with friends and fam ... not the head buyer at the most prestigious department store in NYC. No wonder Kelly got all pissy! But was she too stern with our aww-shucks amateur designer? You decide! Take the poll and tell us: Did Whitney deserve Kelly Cutrone's strong tongue lashing?

Was Kelly too hard on Whitney?

  • No. Whit did the exact opposite of what the boss lady advised!
  • Yes. Whit's got every right to shop around her sketches! After all, they're HERS.