Erin Kaplan's Poker Face Could Use A Little Work

We've liked The City's Erin Kaplan since the second she stepped into Joe Zee's office and sized up Elle's new intern Accessories Editor, Olivia Palermo. The mag's Director of Publicity is sharp, put together and doesn't take any crap. That said, 'Liv's been doling out a lot less crap lately, and Erin doesn't seem to be into giving second chances.

We're not sayin' Olivia didn't deserve to be outright fired for her "f**k this" outburst in the fashion closet, but that was sooo two weeks ago, before she found out that having a job involves teamwork and mutual respect. And since 'Liv pretty much knocked that A-Z challenge out of the park, we were expecting Erin to seem somewhat relieved ... instead of disappointed. (Like, stick-a-fork-in-my-eye disappointed.)

Hmm. Does Erin actually want Olivia to fail? By the looks of it, that'd be a big fat yes with a cherry-red Balenciaga on top. But because we think giving second chances is super important, we're gonna hold off 'til next week's episode of The City to make our final decision. Erin, do us proud...