Ruins Replay: Did Shauvon Really Pop An Implant?

It's all fun and games until someone loses an implant. And Shauvon sure didn't look like she was having fun on the ambulance ride over to the hospital. Still, we gotta give the girl props for going in the water after thinking her boob was broken. Below, check out the scream queen's Ruins plunge all over again and be sure to share your comments as she picks herself up, dusts herself off and makes the entire cast blow up in hysterics.

Whether or not the implant actually popped remains a mystery, but Shauvon definitely took a hard fall on tonight's episode of The Ruins, and we felt kinda bad that everyone was laughing at her. Unsportsmanlike conduct! Plus, it wasn't so long ago that Kenny and Evan considered the Real World Aussie their dream girl. No joke. Watch this Ruins Replay video exclusive to hear the boys debate what happened to Shauvon's knocker and dish about their past obsession with her, then be sure to check out more of our Ruins Replay with Johanna, Evan, Nick and Kenny to hear their commentary on the latest drama.