Disaster Date Actors Blog, Ep. 3: A Personal Apology To The Waitress

On Episode 3 of Disaster Date, Nate finds out the hard way that his friend picked the wrong time of month to set him up. We followed up with the actress who played "Ms. PMS” to find out her favorite part of the prank and other inside info. Check it out:

The Mission: I wanted to get Nate to go the distance. I wanted him to be invested enough so at the end of this date he would do whatever I asked. I was trying to push his comfort zone.

Favorite Moment: By far the best part of this prank was watching Nate ask all the patrons for a tampon.

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: I knew that I wanted to get my period and not have the proper remedy for it, but all the moodiness with the waitress and finding out that Nate was an EMT happened on the spot.

Shock and Awe: I actually couldn't believe how willing and helpful Nate was. He not only was willing to completely embarrass himself, but so sweet for offering to go and buy tampons for me. I've had boyfriends who wouldn't do that, ha!

Final Grade: I thought Nate was really nice and tolerant. He threw me for a loop by being in the medical profession -- he was so understanding of my mood swings. I didn't really feel bad about pranking him, but I did feel bad for the waitress ... Sorry girl.

++You also got a chance to witness the “Bruised and Battered" prank, in which Angela’s blind date was in a car accident just hours earlier and needs her help to eat, drink … and use the restroom. Hear from our actor what it was like fooling Angela, after the jump!

The Mission: My goal was to elicit as much pity as possible, which is the same strategy I use to pick up chicks in real life.

Favorite Moment: The concept of a guy who sustains a major injury right before a blind date is very funny to me. It’s like that YouTube video of the gun safety expert who shoots his own leg, but insists on finishing the lecture. My single favorite moment was definitely the pratfall at the end. That was the part where I felt most like that cool gun safety expert

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: The bruise on my face was entirely unplanned -- it came from an accident I got into while preparing for a totally unrelated Disaster Date.

Shock and Awe: My date offered kindheartedness and compassion to a total stranger. WEIRD.

Final Grade: My date was exceptionally sweet. I think when we finally revealed the prank she was just happy she didn’t have to take care of me anymore.

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