Disaster Date Actors Blog, Ep. 2: 'I Gave Her An Unforgettable Story'

On Episode 2 of Disaster Date, Ashley’s blind date is a slacker surfer whose buddy Cruncher shows up like a tidal wave. We followed up with the actor who played the "Hardcore Surfer Dude” to find out his favorite part of the prank and other inside info. Check it out:

The Mission: I needed to be super believable as this surfer dude, so I decided to get into character the day before and I stayed up all night watching Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli. I woke up and chugged a Coors Light and convinced myself I was gonna go hit the beach but first I had to stop off to meet some chick … I showed up to set in character and spoke to everyone as that guy. (I was actually worried the producers thought I truly didn’t care about my script or my job but I decided I just wanted be a dude who didn’t really care about anything but waves and free love.) My other goal was to have fun and let it all go once she arrived. It was one of the most fun dates for me because luckily I could tell she was totally not into guys like my character.

Favorite Moment: It was great trying to convince this girl that I was totally this guy, especially since I do not speak like that at all in real life and I can barely surf -- I’ve surfed three times in my whole life. I also loved demonstrating how to surf with my buddy “Cruncher” and falling over and knocking stuff off the table. This date was an acting dream come true.

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: I’d say 99 percent of this date was spontaneous. I knew I had to use surfer lingo, and I knew my buddy and fellow actor Jeff Galante was going to enter, but other than that it was all improv and going with the moment. I didn’t want it to come across as shtick (i.e. a guy imitating a surfer). I wanted it to be so believable that she would think, “Wow this guy is a burn out!" so I decided to just go with what felt natural.

Shock and Awe: I felt that she was the perfect person to prank because she reacted exactly how you would hope: totally annoyed and in awe of my character's lack of ambition and dating etiquette. Mission accomplished!

Final Grade: She was a nice girl, but I didn’t feel bad at all because it was a very innocent prank. Other daters on this show got it way worse. I gave her an unforgettable story to tell friends forever! And she was totally cool after she realized it was a prank, so no emotional scars were left.

++You also got a chance to witness the “Nicotine Fiend” prank, in which Mike finds himself stuck on a blind date with a girl who just quit smoking, but the withdrawal is more than she can handle. Hear from our actress what it was like fooling Mike, after the jump!

The Mission: My goal for this date was to really freak out this unsuspecting guy who was coming just to meet a nice girl for the first time. I wanted to make him as uncomfortable as possible while making him feel sorry for me at the same time.

Favorite Moment: Definitely the outrageous fight between the gallery owner and myself. It was a lot of fun seeing Mike's reactions to the escalating fight/argument.

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: I planned to be a little sketchy and to have a few quirks that would have him second-guessing his decision to meet me. The fight being as big as it got was completely spontaneous …I didn’t think we would take it that far but it was sooo much fun because Mike had no clue!

Shock and Awe: I was surprised that my date stayed as long as he did because if it were me I would have left 10 minutes into it.

Final Grade: The date was a lot of fun, but I felt bad for Mike because he really was a nice guy and he tried so hard to be understanding and sweet.

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