Disaster Date Actors Blog, Ep. 1: 'I Felt Horrible!'

On the premiere of Disaster Date, Frankie is set up with a gold-digging cat lover who orders everything on the menu and instigates a fight between himself and the waiter. We followed up with the actress who played this “Self-Absorbed Gold Digger” to find out her favorite part of the prank and other inside info. Check it out:

The Mission: My character for this date was actually the same character I used for my original audition. I played a snotty, OCD, wannabe celebrity. The mission was to be as rude, obnoxious, and pretentious as possible. I wanted to make Frankie feel so awkward and uncomfortable, that all he would want to do is run for the door!

Favorite Moment: I loved when Justin (who played the waiter) got into a fight with Frankie about the fact that I thought there were peanuts in my salad! I faked an allergic reaction and made Frankie scold Justin for trying to kill me. It was absolutely hilarious, and for a second I was almost sure Frankie was going to swing at Justin.

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: One thing I loved about this particular date was the fact that I got to use so many props. The producers gave me a huge purse full of "tricks" to use throughout the date. I had a photo album of my cats, and made him talk to the pictures. I used hand sanitizer every five minutes and made Frankie use it as well. I pulled out a hypodermic needle to have Frankie stab in my heart if my allergic reaction stopped my breathing. All of the props really made this date fun, but some of the spontaneous stuff made for the best laughs! For example, making him feed me, exercise around the table and attempt to get him to apply to work at the restaurant were all thought of on the spot.

Shock and Awe: To be honest, I couldn't believe that Frankie put up with me and dealt with the situation as well as he did! He did EVERYTHING I asked him to do! I thought for sure he would tell me I was crazy and run out the door at some point, but he stuck it out the entire date! What a trooper!

Final Grade: I thought Frankie was awesome. He was so great at handling the Disaster Date, and trying to keep the awful situation under control. Every time I made him say or do something embarrassing, I felt horrible! I just had to keep telling myself, "He'll think this is funny after the reveal". Every guy deserves to be messed with a little, and this time he got to walk away with cash for surviving ... so I guess I can't feel too bad, right?!

++You also got a chance to witness the “Hypochondriac Germaphobe” prank, in which a total germaphobe has a meltdown when the restaurant isn’t sanitary. Hear from him what it was like fooling Amanda, after the jump!

The Mission: Amanda is in the Military Police. I wanted her to think, “This guy would be a terrible soldier.” But my primary objective was to kill 99.9% of all bacteria.

Favorite Moment: The disinfectant was a blast. With one little canister you can ruin the atmosphere of any date location. Of course, I got to do this under the guise of doing a favor. Almost like: “Carry on, good restaurant-goers, I eradicated the s*** out of all the germs on your salads.”

Planned vs. Spontaneous Tactics: The Disaster Date crew outfitted me with so much fun stuff: latex gloves, the disinfectant spray – Tara painted the beautiful hives on my skin. So, we knew we were going to try to use all of that. Having a great waitress (Cameron) and a table of actors gave me reign to improvise as this character.

Shock and Awe: I can’t believe she didn’t leave the date earlier!

Final Grade: Amanda was a pretty cool cucumber about the whole thing. She had a great attitude when it was all over.

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