Who Should Star In Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy, The Movie?

Back in July, when we first heard rumors of L.A. Candy getting the Hollywood treatment, we asked you guys whether Lauren Conrad should play herself (er, star as the novel's protagonist, Jane Roberts) in the big-screen edition. And while an overwhelming 67% of you thought LC should cast herself in the leading role, the Hillzie claims she's not even in the running.

"I think my acting is offensive!" Lauren told People.com late last week, after it was announced her bestselling book was being turned into a full feature film. "I'm an awful actor, I'm not super comfortable with it. In fact I was just trying to do lines ... and they'll tell you, I cannot memorize lines."

So who does that leave? We rounded up three actresses we think would be perfect for the part. Starting with...


Cute, blonde and uber experienced at playing Miss Popular, Lively (best known as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl) fully understands what it's like to be the TV "It" girl. The only problem? We've mostly seen Lively in roles where she luuuurves being the center of attention (like Bridget in Traveling Pants). For Candy, she'll need to be more of a reluctant hero -- but if she can deliver Jane's wide-eyed vulnerability (and "Who, me?" humility), we're thinking she'll make LC proud.


Although often cast as the second banana (think: Regina George's lackey in Mean Girls and Megan Fox's sidekick in Jennifer's Body), Seyfried's got the kind of quiet confidence and unassuming beauty that's hard to ignore. A wispy, doe-eyed blonde, the Mamma MiaI actress is the perfect stand-in for small-town Jane, and we can totally see her shy, good girl act stealing the show from the ditzy Gaby and paparazzi-addicted Madison.


Okay, fine. So she doesn't have the same acting cred as the first two, but Taylor HAS dabbled in TV (CSI, anyone?), plus she's sweet, adorable and totally believable as the girl-next-door. Despite blowing up big in the country music scene, Swift's still way more deer-in-the-headlights than diva, and she's got the "Imma let you finish" moment to prove it. The closest thing to a real-life Jane (besides Conrad herself, obvs), Swift's as innocent as they come. And if you don't believe us, just ask her ex-boyfriend: self-proclaimed virgin, Joe Jonas.

+ Got any better ideas? Tell us who you think should play Jane Roberts in the movie vershe of L.A. Candy, plus feel free to start casting the roles of Gaby, Madison, Scarlett and Braden!