It's A Girl For Massive Monkees' Tim Soriano And Fiance!

When all nine Season Four crews take the stage this Sunday night, there will be one dancer missing -- Massive Monkees' Tim Soriano, whose fiance Cember Dacoscos gave birth to a baby girl yesterday! The labor was induced for the safety of both mom and baby, but all is well with both. When I spoke with Tim last night, he was just waking up from a nap at the hospital in Seattle.

"We named her after our parents. Cember's mom's name is Paulina and my mother's name is Anabelle, so we named her Lina Ann," he told me.

Because it was an early delivery, their doctor is keeping Cember and Lina Ann in the hospital to make sure there are no complications, so it was a no-brainer for Tim to stay back home with his girls.

Congrats, Tim, from your Massive Monkees fans and everyone here at ABDC!