Daddy's Girls Poll: Would You Watch A Jess/NYC Spinoff?

We hate the idea of Vanessa and Angela living on separate coasts (again), but we gotta admit: we're psyched about Angie/Jess' move to NYC! Sure, they're puttin' the Pastry biz on hold and, okay, Jess will probably have her nose in a law book for the next three years, but with these two living together, ya know it's gonna be good!

+ Think Jess and Angela deserve their own NYC spinoff (you know, while Vanessa does the acting thing in L.A.)? Take our poll and tell us whether you'd watch a show starring two cousins -- and one swingin' bachelorette pad!

Would you watch Jess and Angie take on NYC?

  • Absolutely!
  • Not sure?
  • Eh, probably not.