Daddy's Girls Poll: Is Pastry Ready For Retail?

After all that talk about opening a flagship store, Angela, Vanessa and Jess decided to put their Pastry plans on hold while they pursued other interests. And while we're excited for their new adventures (like Vanessa's play and Jessica/Angela's NYC digs), we're kinda bummed we won't be able to see all those amazing shoes in one place!

+ Think the girls were right to take a Pastry timeout? Or should they have held off on all that other shtuff 'til they had the new store up and running? Take our poll and tell us whether the girls (and Rev Run!) made the right call by deciding NOT to set up shop!

Should Angela and 'Ness have opened that store?

  • Yes. Pastry's on fire! The girls should strike while the iron's hot.
  • No. Things are crazy. They should wait til everyone can give 100%.