VIDEO: All Hail Hills Heartthrob, Justin Bobby!

Personally, we find it sexy when the guy we're dating sends all sortsa mixed signals, publicly kisses other girls and insults our closest friends in the first 60 seconds of acknowledging their presence. But according to our team of mental health professionals, we have "intimacy issues" and wouldn't know a worthy boyfriend from a talking donkey.

That said, we're sure it's no surprise that we've had a massive crush on Audrina's on-again/off-again squeeze Justin Bobby since he burped his way onto the scene during Season Three of The Hills. Back then, we didn't have many allies in support of J-Bob's screen time, but a funny thing happened on the way to Kristin Cavallari's Season Five takeover: JB dropped some of the 'tude, trimmed his hair and slowly but surely began his reign as The Hills' No. 1 Heartthrob. (Told ya it would happen!)

Check out this scene (and more!) from Justin's rise to the top, flip through pix of him standing alongside his new fling, K-Cav, and don't forget to tune in Sept. 29 at 10pm to see their first sparks ignite!

+ Is Brody more your type? No probs, we've also put together some clips of his tenure as a Hills Heartthrob. Check 'em out!