Flashback: Look How Far Vanessa And Angela Have Come!

Watching Vanessa and Angela Simmons now, it's hard to believe they're the same girls who fought with their younger sibs (and, well, each other) back on Run's House. And while some things never change ('member the Danielle debacle on Daddy's Girls?), these days the sisters are living large as best friends, roomies and co-founders of Pastry!

Check out how far the Simmons gals have come since their MTV debut and tune in tonight for the Season Two finale of Daddy's Girls!

Before they made it big in L.A., Angela and Vanessa went looking for a place in NYC. But after scoping out a few less-than-stellar apartments, the girls decided to extend their stay at Rev Run's house!

The girls originally set off in different directions, with Angela moving to New York and Vanessa heading to L.A. to pursue acting. But first, a father-daughter goodbye hug (which, in Rev's case, is more like a "See you later!")

Eventually, 'Ness decided to come back East and convinced her sis to let her move into her NYC apartment. Soon after, the girls pitched their dad and Uncle Russell an idea for starting their very own sneaker line!

When Vanessa finished an acting stint on Guiding Light, the girls decided to pack up the Pastry biz and set up shop in L.A. Fortunately, Rev Run sent JoJo out with a webcam so the team can conference in from the West Coast.

+ And that brings us to where these Daddy's Girls are today! Still feeling nostalgic? Flip through more pics from Angela and Vanessa's Run's House days, then find out what happens on the season finale, tonight at 10pm!