Starmaker Poll: Was It Jordan's Time To Go?

The judges didn't have many negative things to say tonight, but most of what they DID say was directed at Jordan. According to them, dude ruined Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," missed a few key riffs and left the panel high and dry. Still, Rodney noted the positives in Jordan's performance (like his energy for days) and Laurie Ann encouraged him to ignore the naysayers (like, ahem, Tamara) and stick with his dreams.

And while Jordan and Omotayo both landed in the bottom two (the judges found Big Sexy's "American Woman" to be a Big Disappointment). at the end of the night, it was Jordan who was told he wasn't "ready" to be a star.

+ Think the judges were right to cut Jordan's Starmaker journey short? Or should they have listened to the crowd (he had them on their feet!) and given him one more chance? Take our poll and tell us whether Jordan's energy should've kept him alive another week.

You tell us: Was it Jordan's time to go?

  • Yes. Energy's great, but it doesn't erase those sour riffs.
  • No. Dude put on a great show! Who cares if he missed a note or two?