Dancer Down! AfroBorike's Elisabet Takes A Scary Spill

Now that the pressure's starting to boil (and the season's winding down), all three remaining crews have been rehearsing around the clock. And with emotions and fatigue at an all-time high, some of the dancers may be in danger of pushing themselves a little TOO hard.

At a standard dress rehearsal last night before taping, AfroBorike's Elisabet Riero slipped, fell and hit the stage hard, injuring her foot and leaving her incapable of walking off stage without assistance. One of her partners, Alain Lavalle, swooped her up and carried her back to the crews' stall so she could let the ankle rest.

Fellow crew member (and Elisabet's dance partner at the time), Miguel Reyes Santiago took her injury to heart, blaming himself for Elisabet's crash landing. Fortunately, this story looks to have a happy ending. Despite the initial scare, Elisabet seems to have made a full recovery. About an hour after the fall, she lifted Miguel's spirits (and ours!) by assuring us she was "totally fine."