FF Poll: Did Rob Dyrdek's Vocals Touch Your Soul?

Rob Dyrdek may not be a Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter like SOME peeps we know, but when push came to shove, dude sang his heart out tonight. The end result? A surprisingly sensual apology track we're callin' "Here's To You, Mrs. Dyrdek." And while some naysayers (ahem, Drama) might point to Rob's lack of technical training/vocal ability, we were more impressed by his originality and unbridled enthusiasm. (Plus, having "Bad Influence Friend" John Mayer singing second lead didn't hurt, either.)

In fact, we were so impressed by Rob's apology-through-song we're not even sure he got outperformed by that showy rock musician. Think Rob's sultry melodies made up for his musical ineptitude? Take the poll and tell us who rose to the occasion!

You tell us: Who had the BEST 'I'm sorry' vocals?

  • Rob - For a 'wastoid sh--bag' clinger-on, he wasn't half bad!
  • John - Respek, y'all. Dude made Robin Thicke sound like a baritone.