ABDC Ep. 7 Highlights: Top Three Crews In All-Out War!

In seasons past, we've seen final performances so great they made it nearly impossible for America to pick a winner - and we're happy to say, this year is no different. The top three crews (Massive Monkees, We Are Heroes and AfroBorike) left it all on the floor last night, and delivered some amazing highlight reel-worthy routines! Here are just a few of the many show-stoppers you'll be seeing on Sunday night's ABDC:

- One crew receives a standing ovation so loud it actually shakes bleachers!

- A drum circle like you've never seen!

- Stage reaches sweltering (hot, hot, HOT!) temperatures.

- All remaining male crew members are shirtless by night's end!

- Lil Mama displays a sense of humor about her VMAs "performance"!