Nitro Circus Poll: Who Had This Week's Sickest Stunt?

We saw a lot of crazy sh*t go down on tonight's Nitro Circus. And the best part is, nobody died! Our personal fave moment had to be Streetbike Tommy stealing a race car -- and wrecking its transmission (IT WAS WORTH IT!), but we gotta give credit to Travis and Andy for proving they're not afraid of little things, like fire, explosives, crazy old men or 70-story freefalls.

So who had the best (which is to say the stupidest/bravest/most death-defying) stunt this week? Take the poll and tell us whether Travis or Andy deserves the "I Survived Week Four of Nitro And All I Got Was This Worthless Title" award.

Who was this week's 'Nitro' superstar?

  • Travis Pastrana - He jumped 70 stories and lived.
  • Andy Bell - He let Dr. Danger light his a-- on fire.
  • Jim DeChamp - He got all 'Slumdog Millionaire' with a Port-O-Potty.