How Does Kristin Cavallari Feel 'Bout Being Called 'The Bitch'?

Reputed beyotch Kristin Cavallari swung by MTV Canada last night to talk about Laguna Beach, The Hills and, more importantly, apologize for unleashing Speidi on an unsuspecting world. And while the After Show's Dan and Jessi grilled K-Cav about what it's like being the queen of mean (more on that in a sec), childhood pal Lo Bosworth defended Kristin, blaming Stephen Colletti for all that high school boy drama and claimed Kristin's never *officially* done her wrong (unless you count hating her best friend's guts).

So what DID Kristin have to say about her well-publicized role as 'the bitch'? Eh, it doesn't really seem to bother her (trust us, she's heard it all before), though for the record, she argued the B-word doesn't actually apply.

"I feel like honesty sometimes gets mistaken for being a bitch," Kristin clarified on the (aptly) named The Bitch Is Back: The Hills Preview Special . For her part, Kristin said she's just tellin' it like it is. "I'm very honest, but I don't think I'm a bitch." After all, a bitch "is someone who's very malicious." (Whereas Kristin's merely a truth-teller!)

If you can't handle the truth? Well, no offense, but that's your prob ... not hers. She left her audience with one guarantee: "You'll always know what I'm thinking."

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