Is This The 'Last Chance' For We Are Heroes?

Last year, Quest Crew, delivered one of the most memorable performances in ABDC history during the Last Chance Challenge. It can even be argued that their cinematic, piano-inspired routine helped propel them to victory over the Beat Freaks, who -- up until the next-to-last episode -- were heavily favored to win. So how important is this week's competition for We Are Heroes?

"For America and ABDC, it's about putting on a show and entertaining," WAH's Riquel Olander told us shortly before taping. "We decided to go out there tonight and do us, but do us in a way that is still going to entertain. We know people in both top two crews from last season and we've had the chance to ask what they would -- and wouldn't -- do differently, so we're going to take their advice to heart."

That said, it's been a tough week for everyone so far. All the crews have been burning the midnight oil, hoping to lock in the win -- and learn two lengthy routines, although WAH still promises to deliver a killer set.

"As tired as we are and as sick as we are, we just have to follow through with a strong performance and not just give a dance show," Riquel declared.

And while the Heroes are looking to give audiences the show of their lives, they're not ready to hang up their dancing shoes just yet. "We wanna follow in Quest's footsteps," Riquel told us. "[W]e want to win the show."