The Top Five Reasons John Mayer Should Work For Dyrdek

We loved seeing John Mayer swing by the Factory tonight. In fact, we liked it so much we're pretty sure he needs to start hanging around full-time. Below, the top five reasons we think Mayer should give up the Grammy's -- and become Rob Dyrdek's next mini-mogul.

Reason #5. A foam pit heals all wounds. *(Except concussions).

Reason #4. Mellow pop rock and fart jokes go together like Taylor and Kanye.

Reason #3. The public has a right to know John Mayer's spirit animal.

Reason #2. It's about time the Fantasy Factory went green.

Reason #1. Mayer's the only man alive who can tell Chanel her "body is a wonderland" ... without getting slapped.