Episode 7 Dance Prep Is 'Mentally and Physically Draining'

Week seven of ABDC has become infamous for how much stress it causes the remaining crews, who are tasked with putting together TWO killer routines instead of one. "It's mentally and physically draining," Massive Monkees' Jerome Aparis remarked yesterday.

AfroBorike's Veronica Collazo agrees. While she's feeling pretty enthused about her crew's Last Chance Challenge routine ("We built [it] in two or three hours. This is who we are and all the ideas come naturally.") it's the first performance [of the night] that's sucking all their time and energy.

And when we checked in with We Are Heroes, Riquel Olander explained that they've "finished up [choreography] but are still making changes. There's a big stunt and we haven't even tried it out yet." Yikes.

One thing's for certain about Sunday night's episode -- it's do or die time. Got some predictions?