VIDEO: True Life's 'Fanboy' Makes His Directorial Debut!

In True Life: I'm a Fanboy, Travis hoped to escape his factory job by channeling his horror movie obsession into a career as a director. Below are two of his first attempts at making a film. The first, Don't S*** in the Woods, was meant to be a trailer for an 80s movie that doesn't exist. To try and get that authentic 80s feel, Travis shot it with an old VHS camera. ( He ultimately abandoned the movie when he realized the VHS looked too crappy even for his tastes.) The second movie, A Nightmare on Trav Street, marks the first film he's ever completed. It begins with Travis' brother, Kurt, doing an impression of an old interview with 80s teen star Corey Haim.

Don't S*** in the Woods

A Nightmare on Trav Street