BB Producer Eric Van Wagenen: These Bullies Are 'F---ing Crazy'

You've gotta have a screw (or two) loose if you're thinking about jumping in the ring with an MMA fighter. Ditto if you think you've got a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning. But we'll say one thing for all the raving looneys out there -- if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have a show.

"These guys [the bullies] are f---ing crazy to want to try to fight a professional MMA fighter," Bully Beatdown producer Eric Van Wagenen tells, adding that truth usually doesn't sink in til the fight's already underway. "[A]bout two seconds after Big John starts the fight," Van Wagenen adds, "[y]ou see that look in the bully's eyes." In fact, he even has a name for it: the "Oh, Sh*t! Moment."

We've seen that look before, many times, only we call it "The Whole Reason We Watch The Show." After all, there's nothin' like watching a professional fighter teach a flabby-chested jerk a lesson in public humiliation. And according to, the MMA ringers couldn't agree more.

"I understand what [the victims] go through because I've been there before," admits professional pummeler Andrei Arlovski, who says he's had some firsthand experience getting bullied himself ... back before he hit puberty, of course.

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