Real World's Jonne: 'I Know Pat Really Cares About Me'

Survey says: Pat's an attention-starved mooch who's bound to crush Jonna into a thousand little pieces. Well, that's what every roommate aside from Derek seems to think. And while Jonna's also been having some serious doubts about her long-distance relationship with Canada's No. 1 DJ, she told us ever-so-hesitantly after the reunion taping that she knows Pat really does care about her. Really. She thinks. Check it out:

Whoops, Jonna let it slip that she's already cheated on her current (sort of) bf! But unlike Matt, it sounds like Pat's managed to forgive his ticket to fame gal, which leaves us with a question or two: Should the Real World: Cancun's unfaithful roomies have been be given a get-outta-jail-free card? Hey, Ayiiia almost made it to the finish line with Ryan! Doesn't getting close count for something? After the jump, watch video of the roomies discussing whether it's possible to leave the Real World with a relationship still in tact.