Hot Shots: See More Of Street Bike Tommy's Magic Monkey!

This week's Nitro Circus was like a Hollywood action flick on steroids. In under thirty minutes, we saw Travis Pastrana take a 70-story death leap, get all fast n' furious with Andy and watch his bud Bell get blown up by a dude who may or may not have a PhD in crazy. And when she wasn't taking her wakeboard for a nosedive, Jolene Van Vugt was right there, capturing the action (and, uh, the inaction) on her trusty waterproof lens.

Check out these shots from Jo's photo diary and go behind-the-scenes as Streetbike Tommy monkeys around, Travis goes halfway to heaven and super stud Erik Roner does his best impression of that sexy Tropicana chick.

"Does this purple windsuit make me look fat?"

Anyone else notice Street Bike Tommy's got a fat kid helmet?

"Look, Ma, no shirt!"

"A banana boy and a hick walk into a bar ... "

It's a long way down ...