VIDEO: Why Did Emilee Storm Off Stage? Get The Full Story!

Tonight's Real World: Cancun Reunion got pretty OOC. And the one person we didn't think would be leading the charge? Miss Eff-Bomb Emilee!

In a surprising twist, the typically more reserved roomie (relatively speaking) started off MTV's casual get-together with some hardcore trash-talkin', followed by a dramatic exit off the set! Helloooo, cranky pants! (Was someone sore about not getting enough camera time throughout the season?)

To be fair, we understand how stressful it must be to drudge up old feelings in front of a studio audience -- but this was the first time we got a glimpse of Em's gangsta side ... and apparent allergy to Joey. Where exactly did THAT come from?

Luckily, we got a chance after the taping to ask Emilee about the crux of the prob that caused her to storm off the stage. Watch her calm(ish)ly explain the issue:

+ Wow, who knew Joey and Emilee were so tight, right? Especially since we never got to see them HOOKING UP! Yup yup, it happened alright. After the jump, see how far their secret rendezvous went, plus check out more exclusive video clips of our post-reunion interview with the Cancun cast!