Rhythm City's Alonzo: 'Shane Sparks Made No Sense'

After Rhythm City heard they were going home at the end of Sunday night's ABDC, emotions went wild backstage and Alonzo Williams shared some choice words about Massive Monkees. The message boards immediately blew up in response to his comments, so we followed up with the dancer when things calmed down to find out if he still stands by his words:

"We stayed up late just talking about the show and comparing our performance to Massive Monkees' performance," 'Zo told us. "With the utmost respect to our friends Massive Monkees ... we honestly felt we did a better job that night, as well as being consistent throughout the season."

"Shane Sparks made no sense," Alonzo added. "Throughout the whole show he commented that every act was a great tribute performance, but when it came to us, he said he wanted to see our performance to look more like a battle. It was supposed to look like the VMAs but better, not a battle."

Even though the judges didn't agree with Alonzo, he and his crew members feel positive overall. "The whole experience was great and we were honored to rep what we do on that stage! This was bigger than Rhythm City and that $100,000 grand prize. We did this for our community and all the young people out there that have similar lifestyles of broken homes, no guidance, bad neighborhoods and that are influenced by drugs, violence, and gangs."