Was K-Cav Born To Be A Heartbreaker? Give Her A Fair Trial!

MTV's been pretty straightforward about what's in store when The Hills returns Sept. 29: There's a new bitch in town, and she's got a familiar face.

But what exactly did K-Cav do back in Laguna to earn the queen bee title? And is it fair to pre-judge a gal based on things that happened in high school? We can't really answer that second question (we just 'ignored' a friend request from a boyfriend-stealing, ho-baggish blast-from-the-past), but we can present the historical facts and allow you to come to your own conclusions.

Take a trip back to the Beach with this example of Kristin's dating skills, then check out even more video of her Hookups and Heartache and decide whether the show' newest star is bound to be a menace to The Hills' high society. Hey, it can't be any worse than The Life-Ruining Return Of Jason Wahler ... right?