Daddy's Girls Poll: Does Jess Got Game?

Jessica's always been the kinda girl who can kick it with the guys. But when she decided she was ready for some one-on-one time with Shawn off the court, she went to her old pal (and flirtiest friend) Lynn for some girly advice -- and a lesson in how to "hooker" up her hook shot. Turns out, she should've stuck with her original game plan! When Shawn finally DID wise up and ask her out, he told Jess he'd noticed her long before she broke out the lycra catsuit. (D'oh!)

+ Think Jess needs any more advice on how to play pickup? Or is she better off being herself -- and embracing that sexy, tomboy thing she's got goin' on? Take the poll and tell us whether you think Jess needs to put on a full court press (and some booty shorts) if she wants to get noticed!

You tell us: Does Jess need to work on her game?

  • No. Sporty IS sexy! And Jess' moves already scored her a date!
  • Yes. Step it up, girl! Ya can't rely on that jump shot forever ...