ABDC Celebrates Decades Of Dance In Its Final Challenge!

Only two episodes left before ABDC crowns a champ! And to honor all the amazing dancers (and Dance Crew alumni) who paved the way to Season Four, the final challenge will celebrate great performers of the past! In no particular order, the crews will dance to a master mix of the following songs:

'Decades Of Dance Challenge'

1960s "Sex Machine" James Brown

1970s "Uprock" Rock Steady Crew

1980s "Cold Hearted" Paula Abdul

1990s "U Make Me Wanna" Usher

2000s "Love Game" Lady Gaga

And just a reminder about how the game's played: one crew will be given the boot halfway through the show, then the remaining two will deliver their Last Chance Challenge routine in hopes of locking in your vote. Get ready for a do-or-die battle!