ABDCrews React To Jaw-Dropping VMA Moments

Sunday night's VMAs were filled with some stellar entertainment, from Janet Jackson's MJ tribute to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' spine-chilling performance of "Empire State Of Mind." And, oh yeah, who can forget Lil Mama jumping on stage like a metal head at a Motley Crue concert?

We hit up the remaining three crews in rehearsals today to ask about the moments that stood out to them most. Check out what everyone had to say:

In reference to Kanye West's abrupt interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, Massive Monkee Brysen Angeles commented, "As an artist you can't deny Kanye, but as a person ... what kind of person does that?" On the plus side, Brysen walked away from the VMAs a bigger fan of Beyonce Knowles, who later in the night stepped aside to allow Taylor her moment.

"[Lady Gaga] is too out there for me," We Are Heroes Ali Iannucci told us. "I feel like she's trying too hard." A nearby Hiroka Mcrae added, "Beyonce was my favorite! Every time they showed her, I got excited!" But Hiroka had a similar reaction as Ali to Lady Gaga -- apparently the gory performance gave her nightmares!

Finally, AfroBorike's Miguel A. Reyes Santiago only had eyes for Ms. Jackson. "Janet's performance was great. She really did an amazing job," he said in mid-rehearsal.

You Tell Us: What did you think was the most memorable moment of this year's VMAs?